A most Efficient Customer Acquisition Strategy

Focus on efficiency, not on likes

We live in times of social media, appearance and like for like. But what about the entrepreneurial field? Nowadays it is almost unthinkable to have a business without having a presence on one or more social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … but are business objectives really related to this social presence? And what to do with our website? Should we send emails to our potential customers? Or SMS?

We, at Munsamba Digital, notice that companies are often lost in this wide range of digital solutions to adopt. It is therefore necessary to first understand the business objectives and the stakes before deciding on which acquisition strategy to focus on. And it’s not always the most sexy strategy that proves to be the most effective.

Let’s find together the most efficient acquisition strategy!

It’s time to put our ego aside and focus on what really matters: sales! Let’s eliminate the unnecessary and optimize our acquisition strategy to ensure the survival of our company.

Munsamba Digital: Efficiency vs Vanity!

With A Most Efficient Team



General Director, Brussels

Dino is a trilingual entrepreneur (FR, EN, NL), with a strong digital dimension and an extraordinary focus, sharing his positive mindset within the teams he works in. He is a solution-oriented person, strong in communication and collaboration and a born leader. Anchored in a deep marketing and business know-how, he is constantly looking for customer satisfaction.

Dino has been active in the IT sector for more than 5 years as a Business Analyst, Test Manager and Test Analyst working for large companies in the TELCO space, banking and data sciences, among others. In addition, he also has experience in web development (HTML/CSS & WordPress) and has numerous certifications to his name in the field of information technology, management, web development, digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Specialized in digital strategy and digital marketing, Dino is a problem solver who above all advocates for efficiency in the acquisition strategy.

Our motto: “Efficiency vs. Vanity!”.


Regional Manager, Kinshasa

Anne Juvette is an experienced marketer who knows how to establish effective and innovative marketing strategies for your business. She stands out by her ability to define marketing strategies that know how to reach the public, while sharing her know-how in marketing and growth with her clients.

For more than 3 years, Anne Juvette held the position of Public Relations Manager at Angela College. An experience that has given her a great deal of experience in terms of communication, administration, negotiations and relations.

At the end of her studies, she managed to set up a successful retail business, connecting clothing houses and shops in China, Dubai and Turkey with Congolese buyers and retailers through online sales. Thus Anne Juvette has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of both B2B and B2C direct marketing.

Next to her experiences, she likes new information technology innovations and has a broad mastery of IT tools. With a degree in Marketing in her pocket, Anne Juvette is a good negotiator in business and an asset capable of bringing a product to the public for the consumer.

Anne Yvette Munsamba Digital

About MDA

Efficiency vs Vanity

Founded in 2020, the Munsamba Digital Agency, or MDA for short, is nothing more than a long-standing project that finally sees the light of day. 

Our marketing agency is not about buzz and hypes ad vanity metrics, but about results and sales. In our culture we advocate for efficiency, conversion and impact. In this new era where social is more important than anything else, we need more than ever to be attentive to what really count for a business: more conversions and more sales.

Specialized in digital marketing and sales strategies, webdesign and SEO, MDA is a digital agency with the objective to help you attain maximal efficiency, establish your next strategy and help you implement it. 

Our mission: “To help businessess that have already invested in their acquisition strategy, but are not happy about their results, to increase sales by raising the efficiency of this strategy.”

It’s not the number of likes or followers that counts. those are none but vaity metrics. It’s WHO HAVE YOU TOUCHED with your message and what impact has it had on your business results.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

-Jeff Bezos

Discover Our Services

Acquisition Strategy

The primary function of an acquisition strategy is to document the factors, approach, and assumptions that will guide acquisition or finding of new clients for the business. We will together think and draw out your optimized and most efficient funnel.

Digital Strategy

A brand is meaningless without a clear digital strategy and guidelines to follow. We will make sure that we are in sync with you in terms of the objectives to be achieved and thus formulate the best possible strategy to achieve them.


Specialized in web development, completely based on your needs, and even more on the needs of your customers. The website is responsive and SEO-ready. The colours, mood, copy and design are fully tailored to your brand.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Both on-page (organic) and off-page (technical) SEO are taken in account.