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Specialized in webdesign, social media marketing and branding, the Munsamba Digital Agency (MDA) focusses on finding your voice, jotting out your next move and implementing it with you.

We understand that what counts is not the number of likes or how many persons saw your website or your new post. It is about who you reached with your message and what impact it had.

So what are your goals? Let’s have a chat.

how does it work ?

1. Grooming

In a first phase we sit together to determine your vision, your goals, and your needs. This will be the starting point to determine the navigation, the content structure and the keywords for a SEO driven development.

2. Design

In a second phase we will build a wireframe or a preliminary design so that we know exactly how the website will look like.

3. Implementation & Testing

In the last phase we will finally make it all come to life in proper code. This will be done in close collaboration with you, with live testing.

Munsamba Digital Agency, MDA

PortFolio March 2020

Electra Events Déco

La déco évenementielle, mais différemment

Electra Events Déco se charge de tout ce qui est déco de salle de fêtes, composition florale et bouquets pour mariages et la réalisation des invitations en pagne pour vos mariages traditionnels.

Notre spécialité étant la composition florale, nous créons des compositions sur mesure pour toute occasion.

Munsamba Digital Agency, MDA

Webdesign, Branding & Stratégie Digitale

Spécialisé en création de site web, image de marque ou branding et marketing des réseaux, la Munsamba Digital Agency (MDA) est une agence de marketing digitale qui vous aide à marquer son empreinte sur le net tout en accompagnant avec une stratégie en ligne adaptée à votre business.

Bandaal Fit

From sauna sweat vest to a proper workout

The Sauna Sweat Vest is the perfect workout partner to help you burn fat and calories.  It helps your body generate 3X more sweat by heating up your core 3x more than regular gym clothing so you can boost up your workout and burn calories faster.

Our Webdesign Offers



  • 4 pages
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • Responsive
  • WordPress



  • 8 pages
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • Responsive
  • WordPress / HTML
  • 4 email adressess
  • Complexity medium
  • Basic SEO
  • Contact form


  • 8+ pages
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • Responsive
  • WordPress / HTML
  • 24 email adressess
  • Complex sites
  • Full SEO
  • Contact forms
  • Webshop
  • Content strategy

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