The Most Simple And Clean Webshop You Will Find

For a new and quit ambitious project, we at the Munsamba Digital Agency have been asked to design and develop a new website for a Playstation 5 pre-order website. The client has a direct contract with Sony to collect and fulfill pre-orders for the PS5 console.

The project has been broken up in 4 part: design – development – webshop – logo.

After a first and second intake call, we manage to pinpoint the definition of success for the client:

1. Website has to be live.
2. Feeling and design (UX).
3. Tested and working fully.
4. Everything In German.

PS5 Bestellen

Spielen kennt keine Grenzen

PS5bestellen.de is an official partner of Sony Germany. We would like to offer our customers easy and uncomplicated access to the new PlayStation 5 and inform them about current developments.




1. Clean layout

The first and most important requirement we received from the client was that the website needs to be clean. As a reference we got the Apple website: white, clean and easily legible. We at the Munsamba Digital Agency went from there and made a first initial design that the client just loved. Next step was to tweak it and made it fully work for the concept. You have to keep in mind that we are creating a website for a new product that is not yet on the market. Eventhough allot of information is already available on the internet, we have to make sure that when a prospective client enters the website, they need to have access to a full and comprehensive informative website. This is to make sure that they have all the information available on the website itself and don’t need surf away with the risk of never coming back. In that optic we were also responsible for the curation of all available infor and the writing of the copy. And all of this in German.

2. German Language

Like already mentioned above, the website for ps5bestellen.de had to be fully in German. They will only be active in German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Lucky enough, the MDA is multilingual and can assist in different languages, as well as creating multilingual websites as we have done before for other websites (e.g. www.osubelgium.com). The Munsamba Digital Agency has inhouse competencies in English, French, Dutch and German. So don’t hesitate to contact us even if your website is NOT in english.

3. Fast Loading Pagespeed

To make sure that the websites performance is optimal we had to make sure that on top of the on-page SEO, the technical SEO is on point. The target set by the client was for a Google Pagespeed Index of more than 80. Something we achieved and went far beyond expectations.