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Our Expertise

Branding & Strategy

Digital Marketing doesn't make any sense without a clear strategy and path to follow. We will make sure to sit together and come up with the best strategy possible so that the client can win. What is it that image you want to give to the client?


First point of contact: Google ! We make sure you are optimized for search. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising are both in scope. An initial SEO audit will be provided and we will optimize from there on.

Content & Design

Copywriting, content creation (graphic and video) and design work will be taken in account by our professional designers and copy artists. Dutch, French and English are all three in scope.


All decisions are calculated and backed by data. After implementation we take care of the follow up with proper predefined metrics and dashboards.

Social Media Marketing

The voice of the company and its reputation can be found online and on social. In scope: Marketing, Advertising and Curation.


Specialized in webdesign with WordPress. Fully designed by your and the clients needs, the website is responsive and SEO ready.

About the Agency

Founded in 2020, the MDA is nothing more than a long breath project finally seeing daylight.

The agency doesn’t praise buzzwords and hypes, but class, culture and impact. In this new age where social comes first, we need more than ever to be cautious on the image that we give to the world, or better said, the image that we want to give.

What is a brand?

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” -Jeff Bezos

Specialized in social media marketing and branding, the MDA focusses on finding your voice, jotting out your next Digital Strategy and helping you to implement it.

It is not about the number of likes, or how many persons saw your website or your new post. It is about who you reached with your message and what impact it had.

Munsamba Digital Agency – The Result Oriented & Data Driven Company !

So what are your challenges? Let’s have a chat.

Meet The Partners

Dino Munsamba

Dino is a trilingual entrepreneur, with a strong Digital dimension and extraordinary focus, sharing his positive spirit within the teams he is working with. He is a solution oriented person, sound on communication and collaboration and a born leader. Rooted in a deep marketing and business mindset and value driven, he is in continuous search of customer satisfaction. 

Specialized in Social Media Marketing & Branding, he knows and understand the market and the voice of the customer. 

His motto: “F*ck reach, it’s about impact!”

Andrew michaels

Andrew holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. Andrew has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer. He has represented over 100 New York firms in various litigations, an has only lost once, throughout his entire career. It wasn’t his fault, the guy was clearly guilty.


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