Focus on a local service website – a plumbers world

It is not every day that we get the opportunity to work with a starter in the service business, more specifically in the plumbers and renovation sector. Exciting for both parties that is, because we had to come up with a website strategy together to make sure that we get out the most benefits out of this project.

The end result is a clean and responsive website where future customers can get in direct contact with the business through a single button visible throughout. Something to be proud of.

All House Repair

Heating, Plumbing & Renovations

Installation, Maintenance & Repair at competitive prices and in your own time. The best in the region of Limburg and surroundings.

Both last minute servicing and larger renovation works.




Aspects positifs : Professionnalisme, Qualité, Rapport qualité-prix

Jose Vava Kikumbi

1. Focus on Local SEO

Being a service business in the plumbing and renovation industry, the company can only be active within a certain radius. Here we are focussing on the east side of Belgium: the Limburg and all surrounding regions (Antwerpen, Luik, Vlaams Brabant).

Having this focus is one of the top priorities of the company. We need therefore to make it clear and state this on the website. Understanding that it is no use for a client out of Sweden (e.g.) or, even closer by, Brussels, to call upon All House Repair because this will just not work. The distance is just not worth it.

First of all we, having no about-us page, we made sure to mention this on the home page and made it visible for the site visitors by adding a geographic map of Belgium.

On a local SEO base, every page has the regions listed in the footer. This makes for logic and consistency for Google.

2. Be on speed dial

During the brainstorming, it became clear that we should make it as easy as possible for the clients to be able to contact the company. There will be three levels of contact:

1. Contact by phone

Install of a direct call button that will remain visible on all pages and at all time. This to reduce the friction of clients having to look for it in case of emergency.

2. Request a quote

For greater projects and renovations (that are no emergencies), the client has the opportunity to already request a quote online by entering detailed information on the project itself through a standardized form.

3. General questions

A contact us page with a classic contact form will be set up for more general questions and inquiries.

3. UX and Responsiveness

Especially and specifically for business that manages emergency situation, in this case plumbing, it is important that your website is accessible everywhere and on every device.

This is why the User Experience (UX) is very important for these businesses. You then only have one shot to woo the client and confirm your legitimacy. You need the clients to feel comfortable enough to take action and actually call.

This is why we put extra effort to make sure that the All House Repair website is adapted for all different types of devices. If you visit the website, you note that the desktop version and the mobile version are actually very different. This is because we took time to design them separately and optimize both for best website conversion.