The 3 steps process to a pink website… Best practices!

We have been working with Electra Events Deco for now a year or two and lately finally took the next step to increase their digital footprint by building out their website.

The CEO of the company has been in events for over 7 years and has loads of experience and know-how on the market. Let us say it was not easy hitting all the brand elements right from the first time, but we had a magnificent collaboration and communiation to make it work.

This project was challenging, not to say for the least! But how should we put it… Pink is the new black!

Electra Events Deco

L'art de faire différement

Electra Events Déco takes care of all the decorations for your party hall, floral arrangements and bouquets for weddings and the creation of wax cloth invitations for your traditional weddings.

Our speciality being floral composition, we create tailor-made compositions for any occasion.




"Aspects positifs : Qualité

Je suis satisfaite du travail de Munsamba Digital pour mon site web , il a été à l’écoute et a réalisé un travail remarquable.

Communication au top et surtout le timing à été respecté

Merci encore pour toi Dino"


1. Preparation

Getting the project started with a bang! We had a preliminary meeting planned in order for us to better understad the needs for the website as well as the direction the business will be going in the next years. We came up with a first draft of the sitemap to identify the needs already. After which we brainstormed a bit on the content. Just a high level planning. The tone of the messaging as well as the sentiment is also discussed here. Secondly, we managed to brainstorm on the top keywords to target on the website for SEO purposes.

2. Design

in close collaboration with our designers, we reviewed the notes again internally and came up with a colour palette for the brand. As the client accepted this after some tweeking, we could consolidate this with the wireframe and design the website collaboratively. We went through a 3 feedback rounds before having the final design approved and ready to code.

3. Delivery

In a third phase we take all the preparation work and start the implementation process asap. During this phase we take in account the brand colours and brand elements, the messaging tone, integrations for messaging, SEO and back-end optimization. We never work in sillo’s, so there is always continuous communication between the developer, the designer and the client. Any question that pops up will be dealt with immediately. And we will not go live until the final work has been tested and approved by the client, for the prepared design of course.