Why now is the best time for a new SEO

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No matter the circumstances, at this point in time we are talking about COVID-19 confinement… our customers must always be the most important part of our business. So what can we do to move them forward and make them even better. Because if the customer progresses, only then can we as a business too progress.

It’s a matter of perspective… one can resign himself to thinking that now is the worst time for their business. The business might not go te way you would like it, but don’t take it personal. Let’s try to make it a moment of growth rather than a moment of survival.

A good place to start would be to review our SEO…

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, encompasses all the methods and techniques that aim to position your company’s web pages, both on your website and on other platforms, on the first search results page of Google. The only goal is to improve the visibility of your brand and your company on the internet.

Let’s say that this is the starting point for every business or strategy: increase our visibility.

So how can you improve your SEO in the midst of a crisis?

1. The starting point of SEO

“All I need is ______”

To begin the exercise, let’s try to fill in this sentence from the perspective of our ideal client and make a list of the most likely answers.

For a coffee salesman this could give the following answers:

All I need is

  • coffee
  • an espresso
  • a cup of coffee
  • arabica coffee
  • a hot drink

2. Google Keyword Planner

Now let’s head over to Google’s keyword planner. If this is the first time we visit this page we will have to identify ourselves with one of our Google IDs.


3. Launch the search

Here at last on the platform, we will launch the search and enter our keywords. First we click on “Find new keywords” and then we enter the keywords as below:

4. Study and filter the results

The conclusion of our search will first show us the keywords we provided. Here we also see the number of monthly searches for these keywords and the competition for them.

Secondly, we get ideas for keywords and that’s exactly why we’re here.

What we’re going to do is filter out the number of searches per month. However, we focus on high volume keywords (the top ones) with low competition.

5. Adapt the list of keywords from the start

And that’s it, if we manage to do this exercise and note all the new keywords interesting for our business: high volume, small competition, we will generate dozens of new SEO ideas with which we will be able to work immediately for our optimization.

Next steps?

Now that we have our list of key words, what do we do with them?

It’s time to think content and strategy.

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