Website design in 7 steps

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I need a website.

What are the different steps in order to have a ready and functional website as soon as possible? In the shortest possible time?

Here are the 7 steps of our web design agency in order to offer you a functional website in less than 20 days guaranteed, depending on the complexity of your needs:

1. I contact my web design agency: MDA

Munsamba Digital Agency, MDA, is a web design agency. Specialized in webdesign and SEO, it ensures that your website is optimized for search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and others…

Their contact details can be found under the following link: Contact

2. We determine together the objectives of the website

Not every business needs a website? So how do you know whether or not you need a website?

The objectives of the website will depend largely on the business objectives. Factors that will need to be taken into account are:

  • I want to sell products online
  • I want to offer downloadable files on my website
  • I want to collect leads for my business
  • I want to have an online presence to remain easily found by my customers.
  • I wish to exhibit my portfolio

3. What are the keywords to target

Once the objectives have been determined, we can move on to SEO preparations by developing the plan for the site or sitemap.

In this document we will define

  • How many pages will be present on the website and which ones?
  • What keywords will we target on the website in general and on the different pages more specifically?

By doing this we ensure the quality of our SEO. This is the first step for our optimization, but also the most important step.

4. We propose an initial structure and design

After determining the content for the future website, keywords and texts to be included, we will now focus on the layout and design of the web page.

What will be the structure of the different pages of the site.

It is in this stage that we will create the wireframe. This will be the developer’s guide to determine the structure of the website.

5. The web developer takes care of the technical implementation.

It’s high time the web wizards did their job. This is where the web developer takes charge.

Based on the sitemap and the design, the developer will give life to the physical website. The code and tools used will depend on the project and the purpose of the website.

In case of questions or ambiguities, you, the client, will be consulted as soon as possible so that the developer can move forward and not get stuck.

6. We test the website and make final adjustments

In order to ensure that our work is of high quality and according to our standards, we make sure that we include a test period in our planning.

During this period you will be able to browse freely on your new website under construction. Open, close, click, write, browse, … do whatever is necessary to ensure that the product provided is indeed the product you need.

Final adjustments will be made where necessary to ensure that the MDA quality is well respected and delivered.

7. The website goes live

Once the website is finalized, it is high time to share it with your customers and the rest of the world.

We will now finally put the website online.

Congratulations Madam, Sir, your website is ready. You are now online.


So there’ s a very simple process right?

Do you have a business? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you in charge of an organization?

In all these cases the same question arises: Do you already have a website?

Contact the MDA agency and discuss it today.

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