How to get more visitors on your site thanks to SEO

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When we are new to the digital space, we sometimes wonder how to get more visitors to our website?

After the creation of our website, we were promised that we would be able to convert more through the site, make more sales and increase our presence with potential customers.

However, there are three aspects that need to be taken into account in order to attract more visitors to our website. We are talking here about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

The different types of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization exists in 3 parts:

–        Off-page SEO or technical optimization

–       On-page SEO or content optimization

–        Local SEO and backlinks

1. Off page SEO

Off page SEO, or technical SEO, groups all the activities that can be done to optimize your website in a “non visible” way.

To have a good technical SEO, we must think about optimizing our website for the following points:

  • The SSL or HTTPS certificate
  • The speed of the website
  • Meta data
  • Mobile optimization or responsiveness
  • Broken links
  • The Google crawler by the creation of the sitemap
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • URL Optimizations

We need to make sure we align ourselves well with our web developer regarding what we can expect from them in terms of off page SEO and which parts of it will be our responsibility.

2. On page SEO

On page SEO and off page SEO have one thing in common, they improve our ranking on Google.

The difference lies in the visibility of the strategy used.

With on page SEO strategies, we will work on keywords relevant to our website. These keywords will be actively used on the different pages of our website.

We have several tools at our disposal to find the right keywords and use them to our advantage.

See among others : Why now is the best time for a new SEO

3. Local SEO and backlinks creation

With local SEO, we want to work on our geographical notoriety.

This is especially important when our business has a physical address to welcome customers.

In order to be successful:

  • We need to clearly specify our location on our website.
  • We need to create a Google My Business

Next we need to create backlinks to our site. This means that we have to make sure that there are several links (URLs) to our website. All links are welcome: blogs, Youtube videos, social media, …

The more backlinks we manage to create, the better our Google ranking will be.

And finally…

It is important to understand what we can do to get more visitors to our website. The site is there to strengthen our online presence as a business and that would only make sense with traffic.

There are 3 SEO strategies to be used in order to get more visitors to our business website:

  1. Off page SEO
  2. On page SEO
  3. Local SEO and creation of backlinks

For more information, we can always contact our web developer or Munsamba Digital Agency, MDA (contact link).

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