6 easy tips to immediately improve your website speed performance

Intro What is web performance? What is page speed? How do I know the loading speed of my website? How does the speed of my website impact my SEO? When we create our new website, here are some questions we don’t ask ourselves enough. The same goes when we decide to optimize our website to […]

How to get more visitors on your site thanks to SEO

Intro When we are new to the digital space, we sometimes wonder how to get more visitors to our website? After the creation of our website, we were promised that we would be able to convert more through the site, make more sales and increase our presence with potential customers. However, there are three aspects […]

Website design in 7 steps

Intro I need a website. What are the different steps in order to have a ready and functional website as soon as possible? In the shortest possible time? Here are the 7 steps of our web design agency in order to offer you a functional website in less than 20 days guaranteed, depending on the […]

Here are the top 6 most popular social networks in Europe in 2020

Intro All roads lead to Rome… at least that’s what has always been said. As a small business or entrepreneur we have to make sure that we place our business in front of our future clients. There are many ways to do this and one of these ways is social media marketing. We here in […]

Why now is the best time for a new SEO

Intro No matter the circumstances, at this point in time we are talking about COVID-19 confinement… our customers must always be the most important part of our business. So what can we do to move them forward and make them even better. Because if the customer progresses, only then can we as a business too […]